MK Förlag Beta

On MK Förlag Beta a.k.a., a subdomain to the main domain, I try out new ideas and develop new pages and new layout for the main domain.

At least, that was the intention when I launched the subsite in 2010. However, I haven't followed that intention much, mainly because I've mostly spent time learning how to write programs for Windows. The adding of the same layout as the rest of in October 2012 may be a new start for But I may also decide to remove altogether, because I decide I have no use for the subsite whatsoever.

On subdomains

Another purpose of MK Publishing Firm Beta is to find out how subdomains work and how they DON'T work.

What are the pros? What are the cons?

A google search on subdomains pros cons gave conflicting answers, including these:

What to do? Simply try, try again and try once more to find out what's true and what's not true regarding subdomains.

Test Results

It seems it will take more time before new pages are indexed by Google if you use subdomains instead of subfolders. Not until June 6, 2010, eleven days after I published the two pages (a Swedish startpage and an English one) on, the English startpage but not the Swedish one have been included in Google's index. When I publish new pages on the main domain, they have usually been indexed after two or maybe three days.

It seems search results for subdomains are listed separately. At least according to two google searches I made June 27, 2010, about a month after I started The first search (on returned 120 hits for and 4 for The second search (on returned 0 hits for and 11 for

You can use the same CSS files as on the main domain. At least as long as you use an absolute URL, like

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